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Here are some frequently asked questions. For any other questions, please write to us at

  • Do you provide alcohol on the tour?
    Due to Maine's liquor laws, we are unable to provide or sell alcohol on the bike.
  • Can we drink on the bike?
    You have to stay hydrated. We recommend bringing your own opaque drinking vessel - branded add-on tumbler (or Beefy Cup) coming soon!
  • Capacity?
    The bike holds 15 people total with 12 seats being bicycle seats, 10 of which provide the power. The remaining three seats are on the cooler at the rear of the bike.
  • Minors?
    Yes, although they may be denied entry to some of our normal stops during late-night. We can choose different stops by calling ahead.
  • Duration?
    Each tour lasts a minimum of two hours, and our bookings are three hours apart. As long as we're having fun, closer to three hours is fine with us, or we can be strict and do two hours.
  • Specials?
    We are working on specials, stay tuned!
  • Pedal Power?
    Due to the effectiveness of local government, pedaling is required to power our bike. It gets the job done, but be prepared to work.
  • Seat Belts and Helmets?
    The bike seats are equipped with seat belts which are optional. Helmets are not required and not provided, but we are working on making that an option.
  • Road rules?
    We operate as a bicycle - we stop at stop signs and for pedestrians, and we use blinkers, headlights, and taillights. We can park where bicycles park, but due to size, we usually need to find car parking.
  • Can we play our own music?
    Our sound system is blue tooth capable and has a microphone. Guests have been known to take over the mic which is fine with us.
  • Does Portland have any restrictions?
    The City of Portland currently requires a face covering to enter public spaces. Through the magic of authoritarianism, business and real estate owners have taken this to mean their own private establishments. You will not find any such restrictions on the bike, in fact, we strongly discourage covering your face; unless you are sick, in which case, please stay home.
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